• Torsion Springs – the spring is what assists the opener with the weight of the garage door. Without the use of the spring the door would be too heavy for someone or something to open the door. Garage door springs can be very dangerous to work with and therefore it is not recommended for someone without experience to change or provide maintenance to them.
  • Tracks – Your door is guided up and down by the tracks on either side of the door. If the tracks are damaged or bent your door will not ride smoothly up and down. This could greatly reduce the life of your door.
  • Horizontal Struts – The struts act as braces to support the door panels in the open position. If your door does not have, or is missing, horizontal struts the full weight of the door rides on the tracks when it is open. This can cause the door to be jerky and not operate smoothly. It could also reduce the life of your door.
  • Safety Clearance Eyes – These safety devices are very important as they will stop the door from closing if an obstruction is detected. The safety eyes work by projecting an invisible beam across the base of the garage. If the safety eyes are aligned with each other the door will open and close normally. If the invisible beam is misaligned or the beam is broken the door will not close.

  • Door Hinges – The horizontal panels of a door are connected by hinges. At times hinges can wear or need maintenance to keep them operating properly.
  • Rollers – Rollers are installed on the sides of the garage door and ride in the tracks. If the tracks are bent or the rollers are worn/damaged your garage door opener will have to work much harder than necessary. This could result in a shorter life span for your opener.
  • Cable and Drum – Cables connect the door to the torsion spring. Upon opening the door the cables will wrap around the pulley. If a cable is broken or a pulley is damaged only one side of the door will lift, causing the door to get wedged in the track. If you notice a cable is broken or a pulley not winding correct DO NOT operate opener as you could do more damage to your door and opener.
  • Weatherstrip/Bottom Seal – Secure weatherstripping and bottom seals are important for an attached garage or a heated garage. Worn or missing weatherstripping can increase your energy bills.


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